5 Best Dark Chocolate Bars for Keto – (Reviews and Buyer’s Guide)

There are few pleasures in life greater than sitting down after a delicious meal or a long day with a sliver of good-quality chocolate.

The way it melts in your mouth and dances on your palate can make even the worst days fade into the background.

Unfortunately, until a few years ago, those on the keto diet had to forego this basic pleasure.

Luckily now there are multiple companies that not only make sugar-free, keto-friendly chocolate but also excel at it, creating gourmet products without all the sugar.

That said, however, as a keto-adherent, what should you look for in a keto-friendly chocolate bar?

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What Makes a Chocolate Bar Keto-Friendly?

Well, first you should ask yourself what you want in a chocolate bar in general?

It’s got to be delicious, that’s a given. Beyond that, what specifically makes a chocolate bar keto-friendly?

Well, it’s got to have no sugar or at least a type of sweetener that is a low glycemic impact. Sweeteners such as allulose, monk fruit extract, stevia, or erythritol are all acceptable.

You also want it to be a whole-food; no stabilizers, artificial coloring, or grain-based fillers like corn starch or maltodextrin.

What are the Health Benefits of Consuming Dark Chocolate?

Dark chocolate is a vasodilator, which means it relaxes and widens the blood vessels like red wine. This has a lot of internal benefits but an immediate one is the reduction of blood pressure and stress.

In addition, chocolate – particularly dark chocolate – is rich in flavonoids that can protect your skin and blood vessels from oxidation. This means less inflammation, less LDL build-up, and potentially lower heart disease risk.

Finally, for keto dieters, in particular, dark chocolate has a high amount of magnesium and a decent amount of potassium, both electrolytes that one tends to be deficient in when doing keto.

Naturally, however, getting these benefits without the sugar is the best way to enjoy them, so let’s look at some keto-approved dark chocolate bars you can buy right now to improve your mental and physical well-being.

We evaluated these products on taste, ingredients, and finally cost.

5 Best Dark Chocolate Bars for Keto

#1. ChocZero Keto Bark Bar

ChocZero is one of the front-runners in the race to be the best keto-friendly chocolate out there.

Though not the first, they’re definitely producing a high-quality product.

This is a solid, 1-ounce chocolate bar, flavored and filled with chunks of hazelnut and a sprinkling of sea salt.

Though like most high-cacao content dark chocolate it’s filled with fiber, the texture is much creamier than you might expect.

ChocZero is a very good product, with the only downside being that the bulk of the fiber in the bar comes from corn, which can be inflammatory for some people.

Though soluble fiber is effectively the same in terms of blood glucose response, there is some evidence that corn and wheat fibers are less than ideal for your gut microbiome and should be consumed in moderation.

In terms of the overall product, ChocZero Keto Chocolate Bark stacks up like this:

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#2. Chocoperfection Dark Chocolate Almond Bar

Chocoperfection sets the bar high on what to expect from a keto-friendly chocolate bar. The bars are sweetened with chicory root fiber, adding both bulk and sweetness in one ingredient.

Chicory root is very low GI impact, which is highly desirable in, well, anything keto-related, but particularly in a chocolate bar.

In terms of taste, Chocoperfection focuses on the Belgian chocolatier tradition, which means the candy is hand-prepared whenever possible, resulting in a much smoother finished product.

The only downside to making it this way is a lower melting point, something the company compensates by taking meticulous care in packaging and shipping to ensure the bars won’t melt.

This care, however, is the primary downside to Chocoperfection – the cost. Because of the handling and packaging of the product, the cost both fluctuates throughout the year and is also fairly high.

With that said, however, they’re absolutely a must-try even once, as this is some incredibly high-end chocolate, even compared to non-keto alternatives.

Chocoperfection Dark Chocolate Almond Bar


  • The name is spot-on; this is Choco perfection. Easily the best tasting bar on this list, with a creaminess that highlights the almond-crunch hidden inside.


  • Chicory root fiber is an up-and-comer in the keto sweetener game, and everything else is meticulously sourced. Great quality to be certain.

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#3. Lily’s 70% Extra Dark Chocolate Bar

Chances are reasonably high that you or someone you know in the keto world is an advocate for Lily’s and with good reason.

They’re a very consistent, high-quality sugar-free chocolate company and for that reason, you’ll see this brand pop up in keto baking recipes all over the internet.

Lily’s chocolate bars come with the additional benefit of being vegan-friendly, gluten-free (though most of these are gluten-free, to be honest), and without artificial sweeteners.

Many sugar-free candies are made with maltitol, which while it’s not technically sugar, might as well be.

That’s why buying whatever sugar-free candies you see at the store isn’t the best route to take to curb your sweet tooth.

Luckily, Lily’s is sweetened with a blend of stevia and erythritol. This cuts the bitterness of the stevia and the weird aftertaste that pure erythritol often has.

Lily's 70% Extra Dark Chocolate Bar


  • Lily’s bars are really good, and they’re especially good for baking keto-friendly treats. This particular bar is 70% cacao, meaning it’s one of the darker of the dark chocolates. Be prepared for chocolate indulgence!


  • Being a vegan alternative has its advantages, and with nothing artificial, you can feel good about these bars.

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#4. Lindt Excellence 90% Supreme Chocolate Bar

This one is keto-friendly without actually meaning to be, which is impressive. Lindt makes incredibly rich, masterful chocolate but they don’t cater to the low-sugar crowd.

This particular bar, however, works just fine.

Because it’s 90% cacao, even though it’s made with actual sugar, the net carbs are only 7g a serving. While this isn’t particularly low for a regularly eaten item on a keto diet, it is perfectly acceptable for a treat.

In addition, Lindt is exceptional at making chocolate with a high cocoa content that’s balanced and not at all unpleasantly bitter.

It’s important to keep in mind that sugar itself isn’t bad, in the presence of fiber and fat.

So even though these are sweetened with actual sugar, the GI impact will be roughly the same as a bar sweetened with monk fruit or stevia with an equivalent amount of carbs.

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#5. Endangered Species 88% Dark Chocolate Bar

Endangered Species brand is an interesting take on chocolate making in general. Often, major chocolate retailers source their beans from ethically shady areas with small regard for local people and wildlife.

Endangered Species specifically focuses on ethical sourcing and returns some of their profits for habitat restoration and protection.

These bars are, like the Lindt ones, not specifically made for keto-adherents or low carbs in general. They happen to be keto-friendly because of the way they’re made, with a very high cacao content and a bit of sugar, and nothing artificial.

While on a whole the most expensive of these selections, they do offer a quality product with some give-back to the areas where they source them. You can keep that in mind when browsing.

Endangered Species 88% Dark Chocolate Bar


  • 88% cacao but still provides a smooth creamy taste that you don’t find with most dark chocolate.
    They’re delicious, though less painstakingly crafted than some of the others on this list, and so are a bit chalky compared to say, Lindt.


  • There’s only 4 – cacao, sugar, lecithin, and vanilla.
  • Simple yet delicious, and of course, nothing you don’t want.

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Final Thoughts

In general, everyone can benefit from even a little chocolate intake in their life. In moderation, the benefits far outweigh the downsides.

And if you take the excessive processing and sugar out of the equation, then chocolate is that much better for you.

It’s possible the demand for keto-friendly chocolate will improve the quality more and more each year!

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