5 Best Keto Meal Replacement Shakes – (Reviews and Buyer’s Guide)

Diet products abound in today’s marketplace and the meal replacement is no stranger to this landscape.

The good thing about modern meal replacement shakes is that they have begun to stop producing the sugary, canned garbage of the past and started embracing the mentality that sugar is the problem, not the solution.

At the forefront of these modern-thinking products are the keto meal replacement shakes; companies who recognize the power of the ketogenic diet on weight loss and overall well-being.

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Who Should Use a Keto Meal Replacement?

Meal replacements, in general, are great for people who need help controlling calories, who are too busy to eat regularly, or who need to plug in nutritional holes in their diet.

In particular, anyone following a low carb or ketogenic diet would benefit from a keto meal replacement, as would anyone who is concerned about their sugar intake.

Before you take the plunge, however, you need to consider what are the other benefits (besides weight loss) of consuming a keto meal replacement?

Benefits of a Keto Meal Replacement

Well, in addition to potential fat burning, a keto meal replacement will provide a variety of benefits like the following:

  • Will help with situations where you don’t have healthy food options
  • Convenience factor
  • Provides Vitamins and Nutrients
  • Keeps you in ketosis
  • Curbs cravings for sweets

Considering the appetite suppressing and keto-enhancing effects, you can safely assume that a keto meal replacement would help you lose weight when part of a well-formulated ketogenic diet.

But what makes the perfect keto meal replacement? And what criteria have we used to judge these products?

It’s simple!

For a perfect keto meal replacement, you want the following:

  • Convenience
  • Delicious Taste
  • MCT Oil and Electrolytes
  • Reasonable Cost-Effectiveness

With all of these things in mind, let’s dive into our analysis!

5 Best Keto Meal Replacement Shakes

#1. Ketologie Keto Shake

Ketologie is a name you may have seen a lot on social media, as it’s kind of a breakout product of 2018.

The main buzz is centered around the taste, as with a lot of meal replacement shakes you get a gritty mouth-feel or a weird aftertaste, but Ketologie has found a way around that in their formulation.

Created with a base of powdered coconut oil and soluble corn fiber, you’ve got a raw product that is going to keep you sated for a long period of time.

The mixture of erythritol and stevia keeps it sweet without the aftertaste associated with both of those sweeteners which balance each other out.

Rounding out this ingredients list is collagen, which boosts satiation and the protein available in the shake itself.

The MCTs derived from the coconut oil will boost blood ketones and should improve mental clarity and focus, which is never a bad thing.

So how does Ketologie stack up?

Ketologie Keto Shake


  • It mixes well in almost any liquid you’d want to use; nut milk, water, and even coffee using just a shaker cup. No blender needed here!


  •  Ketologie shakes taste great and avoid the weird aftertaste often associated with these products.


  • A good mix of fats and protein, with no sugar, no caffeine, and nothing artificial.

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#2. American Metabolix Keto Meal

American Metabolix offers a wide range of other products for fitness enthusiasts, and their most recent addition to a solid line-up is this popular keto meal replacement.

A perfect blend of macronutrients within the keto profile, American Metabolix has specifically formulated Keto Meal for the macronutrient-conscious among us.

The base of this particular powder is whole egg powder, and since eggs are such a powerhouse of nutrition, it’s a really great concept.

While there’s coconut water powder (however that works) there’s no explicit MCT in this product, so while it’s formulated for ketosis, it doesn’t provide the fats you might typically expect in a powder like this.

Like Ketologie, it’s flavored naturally and uses a blend of natural sweeteners – in this case, stevia and monk fruit.

The benefit of that is that you avoid those weird aftertastes, so American Metabolix has created a pretty delicious supplement here.

Finally, there’s a decent dose of vitamins C and E and a nice dose of sodium as well.

This is significant of course because you always need more electrolytes in ketosis, but vitamin C and E behave differently when you’re not in a glucose metabolism.

There’s no need to pound orange juice to get your daily allowance; this product has 50% of your daily needs in just 30mg!

At a glance:

American Metabolix Keto Meal


  • Energy-dense and blends well with any liquid.


  • Delicious, sweetened perfectly, but only available in 2 flavors: chocolate malt and vanilla cake.


  • Though lacking in MCTs and coconut oil, this product is fine-tuned for keto and has a perfect blend of vitamins and minerals.

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#3. Purus Labs Ketofeed

Purus Labs created Ketofeed to be a low carb version of a protein-centric meal replacement, which creates the base of this product (whey protein isolate).

This makes an ideal product for a weightlifter or someone who not only wants to have a functional, healthy meal replacement but also needs to ensure more protein in their diet.

In addition, there’s a good amount of MCT powder to trigger ketosis and provide that brain boost that comes with ingesting MCT oil or exogenous ketones.

In terms of nutrition formulation, there is a lot to be desired here.

Artificial flavors and sucralose as a sweetener are both somewhat unfortunate, but neither makes up more than 2% of the total ingredients so it’s not the worst thing in the world.

That said, however, sucralose has an odd aftertaste to some people and though both flavors of Ketofeed – salted caramel and Samoa – are delicious, the sweetness definitely has an artificial tinge to it.

The macro profile isn’t ideal for a meal replacement shake, either, but again it’s not the worst option by any means.

The calorie content is low – about 170 calories per serving, with 15 servings per container, and they only offer one size.

The benefit here to a 1.33 lb container is that you can dip your feet in the waters of keto meal replacements without a $50 or more investment for your first try.

Finally, in terms of mixability, Samoa is both tastier and blends better than the salted caramel.

If your goal is to increase your protein intake while still staying within the parameters of a ketogenic diet, Ketofeed is a fairly decent option, if you don’t mind some artificial flavors and sweeteners.

Purus Labs Ketofeed

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  • The Samoa flavor blends better than the caramel, but both are reasonably mixable in cold or hot liquid, particularly coffee, where they make a great cream and sweetener alternative.


  • While the salted caramel is good, Samoa is definitely better. It’s also a pretty unique flavor among meal replacement shakes – this was the first time we’d seen anything close to this, as most typically offer chocolate, vanilla, and caramel.


  • In terms of getting more protein, it’s hard to beat this product while still maintaining ketosis. Other keto-approved protein powders are pretty expensive and are typically just low carb, not specifically formulate for keto dieters.

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#4. KetoLogic Keto Meal

KetoLogic has an interesting combination of useful formulations here with their keto meal replacement shake.

While this is definitely higher in carbohydrates than most other keto shakes – 4g net carbs – it still falls within the parameters of a well-formulated product for carb restriction.

With that said, it’s low in protein and fat, so while the ratios are decent, it’s not a good protein replacement, and while some people worry about gluconeogenesis from eating too much protein, it’s not as common as you’d think.

So while the macros are somewhat low in KetoLogic shakes, they’ve made up for that by adding a tremendous amount of peripheral nutrition to the blend, including a broad-complex vitamin and mineral supplement.

Additionally, there’s a reasonable amount of sodium and calcium to ensure you’re keeping up with your electrolytes, which is never a bad thing.

It comes in 3 flavors; chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, and they’re all very delicious and naturally sweetened with stevia extract.

At only 150 calories per serving, however, this product is likely better for a post-workout meal replacement than a substantial meal replacement and that’s ok.

Because the powder is mostly MCT powder, it should still be satiating enough in a pinch, and that’s what you ultimately want when using a supplement instead of sitting down to eat anyway.

The fact that KetoLogic incorporates both purified MCT oil and coconut oil ensures a good amount of various triglycerides and lauric acid.

This is important because medium-chain triglycerides provide more energy and focus when separated out of coconut oil, and the lauric acid in coconut oil digests into monolaurin, which is a powerful anti-pathogen.

Getting both in one product is a lot of bang-for-your-buck.

KetoLogic Keto Meal


  • KetoLogic mixes well, but one of the biggest benefits is that you can buy it in pre-packaged sachets that travel well and are already portioned out. 


  • The taste is good, but it’s mild, which is both good and bad. There’s no bad aftertaste, and it’s perfectly sweet, but the actual flavor – the chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla – could use some more punch.


  • Highly nutritious and formulated specifically to be that way, this is definitely the closest to an actual meal replacement you can get, but unfortunately, it sacrifices energy density, which you could supplement by making it with heavy cream or some other fat added in.

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#5. Kegenix Keto Meal

This is an interesting product, one that utilizes actual BHB salts to create a product that not only replaces a meal but also directly creates ketone bodies in your body, suppressing appetite and boosting energy.

Created both to be taken as either a keto supplement or a meal replacement, Kegenix Real Ketones is a good investment in general for keto users, though probably less useful than these other products for people simply looking for a way to skip a meal.

BHB salts are incorporated into a whey protein powder matrix with additional MCT oil powder.

This maximizes ketogenic potential, boosts mental clarity, and suppresses appetite.

The protein and fat amounts are both lower than you might want, and because of that, the calories are very low as well – only 150 per serving.

Kegenix Real Ketones is sweetened naturally with stevia extract, but the taste isn’t the greatest asset here.

Truthfully, anything that uses BHB salts is going to taste unpleasant, no matter how much you mask it with natural flavors and sweeteners.

Still, it tastes reasonably good and mixes well so it’s a bit of a trade-off to get the benefits of beta-hydroxybutyrate with some protein and MCT oil.

The major downsides to this product are two-fold; cost and efficacy as a healthy meal replacement.

Though this is a great weight loss meal replacement because it will significantly blunt appetite, it doesn’t provide a lot of calories or nutrition.

In addition, it’s pretty expensive, and because of that, you might be better off buying either a dedicated meal replacement shake or a dedicated BHB supplement.

Kegenix Keto Meal


  • The small servings mix well in cold water or hot coffee.


  • BHB salts very rarely will be mixed with anything and get called “tasty” and this product is no different. It is, however, more palatable than most ketone body supplements and that’s significant.


  • Very little; the natural stimulant effect of MCT oil and BHB are great, but the actual nutrition and energy density is very low.

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Final Thoughts

Meal replacement products have been around for decades and will be for the forgoing future.

As modern nutrition science advances and shows that overconsumption of sugar is the main reason for our modern illnesses, keto science will keep pushing consumer products like these towards better taste and better nutrition.

The five products listed above are some of the stand-outs among a growing field of keto nutritional products. They’re pre-packaged for the on-the-go consumer and each one of them fills a specific role in the keto diet, while still focusing on convenience.

For a keto meal replacement product to be better than simply adding butter, cream, and MCT oil to your morning coffee, it needs to offer something more.

Luckily, each of the above products does that in its own way.

Consider your specific needs and pick a product that works best for you, and you’ll find the best fit for your keto lifestyle.

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