Bang Energy Drink Review – Is it Keto Friendly?

Looking for a powerful boost?

Bang Energy Drinks will provide a BANG of energy for whatever energized task you’re looking to tackle.

This energy drink is tailored for athletes and bodybuilders looking for a quick pre-workout, without the sugar crash.

But as a person who follows the keto diet, searching for a low carb low sugar energy drink is sometimes a difficult task.

Let’s find out if you can enjoy this energy drink while staying in ketosis.

What are the Ingredients of Bang Energy Drink?

This isn’t your typical energy drink, and I mean that in a good way.

It doesn’t contain all of those unneeded sugars and carbs.

Bang Energy contains no calories, no sugar, and no carbohydrates, which fits perfectly into the keto diet macros.

It uses Sucralose as the sweetener which has minor effects on blood sugar.

This energy drink provides BCAA’s, CoQ10, Creatine and a ton of caffeine, which is a combination specially designed for athletes.

The BCAA’s help aid muscle recovery while the CoQ10 can bring a burst of energy to your cells, so you feel less lethargic.

Here is an example of the label:

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Benefits of Bang Energy Drink

After scrolling through reviews, most athletes love that you don’t have jitters or get too hyper after consuming.

It’s like a clean source of fuel.

A lot of reviewers recommended taking this instead of their normal pre-workout.

Here are the main benefits:

Bang Energy Benefits
BCAA’s – Amino Acids For muscle recovery

CoQ10 – Helps produce energy your body needs for cell growth and maintenance

Electrolytes – For regulating the number of fluids throughout your body, which affects cellular function, blood volume, and blood pressure

Creatine – Helps muscles recovery more quickly during exercise and can improve strength

B-Vitamins – Plays a significant role in nerve function, the formation of red blood cells, and the production of DNA

Caffeine – 300mg, improves energy levels

No sugar, no carbs, and no calories

Outstanding Amazon Reviews

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How Does Bang Energy Drink Taste?

For a no sugar energy drink, I’m very shocked at how well these energy drinks taste.

It comes in 9 delicious flavors.

Blue Razz
Lemon Drop
Power Punch
Star Blast
Sour Heads
Cotton Candy
Black Cherry Vanilla
Purple Guava Pear (caffeine-free)

Out of these 9 flavors, it’s hard to pick what tastes the best, because all of them taste great.

But it seems like the most popular is Blue Razz and Power Punch.

Is Bang Energy Drink Keto Friendly?

From a macro standpoint, this drink is keto friendly but its best not to over consume. These drinks contain 300mg of caffeine per can, which is a lot of caffeine to consume in one sitting.

So its best recommended consuming as a pre-workout or an alternative to that morning coffee.

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