Best Keto Fast Food Restaurants On the Go

In today’s world, eating a high-fat low carb lifestyle can be quite hard if you’re not preparing your own meals. Since most of us are tied down to busy schedules, we don’t have time to prepare and cook every meal.

Most fast food restaurants serve high carb junk, so I went out of my way to find the best keto fast food options from some of the most popular fast food joints on the planet!

Here are my top 8 low carb high-fat options that will keep you in ketosis and not derail you from your progress.


My Top 8 Keto Friendly Restaurants


1. Chipotle – Burrito Bowl Salad

This is by far my favorite place to go when eating out. I usually order a burrito bowl salad, extra fajitas, barbacoa, medium salsa, with extra guacamole. I always skip on the rice and dairy, but sometimes I will add a scoop of black beans depending on how many carbs I’ve eaten that day.

Chipotle is dedicated and passionate about where their food supply comes from. The animals are pasture raised outdoors and are never given antibiotics or added hormones. Its simple, healthy, low carb and it tastes amazing.


2. Five Guys – Lettuce Wrap Bacon Burger

Five guys come in second place. Their burgers are absolutely delicious and I always leave full, even without the bun and fries! I always order the big bacon burger, with raw onions, green peppers, jalapenos, mustard, on a lettuce wrap. I’m pretty much eating a burger and I don’t have to worry about spiking my blood sugar with any carbs.

Also, while waiting for your food, you can always snack on free peanuts that they offer. So next time you’re out on the go, make sure to stop at Five Guys and order a lettuce wrap bacon burger, you will not be disappointed.


3. Subway – Chopped Salad

Instead of ordering the typical sandwich at Subway with bread, they offer a chopped salad option which is keto friendly. I tend to order a salad with steak or chicken while adding a wide range of low inflammation vegetables.

I always make sure to add extra olive oil so I’m getting enough healthy fats which will keep me satiated. You will feel full and be ready to tackle that next task without feeling tired of the carbs!


4. Jimmy Johns – Lettuce Wrap Sandwich (The Unwich)

The unwich, which is a lettuce wrap sandwich, is a low carb option offered at Jimmy Johns. Every sandwich on the menu can be ordered as an unwich.

Add your preferred toppings and bam, you have yourself a keto meal on the go. They even offer a delivery option if you’re at home stuck with no groceries.


5. Wendys – Ultimate Chicken Grill Sandwich or Beefy Double Stack

Eating low carb at Wendy’s seems tough, but if you order the correct food choices, it is definitely doable. Whether your craving an Ultimate Chicken grill sandwich, or a beefy double stack, order it without the bun and you have yourself a low carb meal.

They also offer fresh salads, but make sure to skip on the dressing since its usually filled with unneeded carbs and sugars.


6. Burger King and McDonald’s – No Bun Burger or Salads

Whether you’re driving to the nearest store or taking a road trip across the country, you can be sure to find a Burger King and Mcdonald’s location in almost every city! Both of these restaurants offer cheap menu prices and delicious food. If you decide to stop here, make sure to order a burger without the bun and add on a fresh salad (skip the dressing).

Since most Americans are used to the SAD diet (Standard American Diet), ordering a no bun burger may come off as a little crazy to the employees, so don’t feel pressured in ordering that unhealthy bun. Oh and always, never order fries!


7. Taco Bell – Power Menu Bowl

Even though Taco Bell is one of my favorite fast food restaurants, there are not many low carb options to choose from. But, if you decide to go here, they offer a power menu bowl which can be stacked with lettuce, chicken or steak, and veggies. Stay away from the taco beef as this contains wheat.


8. Gas Stations – Duke’s Original Smoked Sausages or Orberto Applewood Smoked Bacon

Nobody would think you could find a quick keto snack when you’re at a gas station, but if you look hard enough, you may be surprised. I found the Duke’s Original Smoked Sausages and the Orberto Applewood Smoked Bacon to be the best snacks on the go. Both of these snacks provide fat and protein to keep you fueled for the day while skipping on the carbs.

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