Best Ketogenic Diet Books of 2019

When it comes to dieting, most folks tend to be depressed at the thought of eating boring tasteless foods. However, a relatively popular diet known as the Keto Diet breaks through all those barriers.

It consists of a low carb high-fat diet, which allows you to eat a variety of delicious tasting foods that leave you feeling satiated with an abundance amount of energy. Also, at the same time, your body will burn endless amounts of fat off your waistline! 

Regardless of how awesome that may sound, starting out and maintaining the Keto diet is no easy feat. Your body needs to be in a state of ketosis before you can reap the full benefits of the diet.

That is why I compiled a list of the top five keto diet books to help you learn and carry out your Keto Diet through meal plans and recipes.

Top 5 Best Keto Diet Books of 2019

#1. The Keto Clarity by Jimmy Moore (Your Ultimate Guide to get the benefits of a High-Fat and Low-Carb Diet)

Are you curious about the healing benefits of the Keto diet? Then you need to get your hands on the Keto Clarity. The writers, Jimmy Moore, and Dr. Eric Westman are experts in their respective field of work. Therefore, this book is based purely on scientific facts.

The book is informative and thorough in explaining all the potential benefits of the intriguing Keto Diet.

It is written in a clear and easy-to-understand language, without talking down or insulting the intelligence of the reader. 

The Keto Clarity is one of the best Ketogenic diet books currently on the market today as it provides practical as well as theoretical information, all for the benefit of the reader.

The practical aspect of the book includes grocery lists, as well as sample menus while the theoretical aspect backs up all the practical information with cold hard facts. Anyone who wants to know the chemistry behind the Keto Diet is in for a treat!

Not only that, the book includes opinions and interviews from more than 20 other experts. The authors effectively eliminate many myths related to low carb diets while acknowledging some information that still remains to be discovered, or proved.

This makes the reader more inclined to trust the authors as they will readily admit different people will have different responses.


The Keto Clarity contains practical samples and how-to-dos along with theoretical information to back it up.

The book has easy and simple to understand language.

It includes interviews with over 20 professionals.

It includes real-life success stories.

The book does not include keto recipes.

The book does not discuss allergy-free options.


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#2. The Keto Diet: A Complete Guide to A High-Fat Diet: By Leanne Vogel

The Keto Diet is a complete practical package for fat consumption in order to lose weight and achieve health.

The book discusses in detail how eating higher fat and lowering your carb consumption can actually help you burn fat and lose weight. You might be wondering how will the keto diet help me lose weight? Well, the book explains this phenomenon in great detail.

When you lower the number of carbs you consume daily and replace it with healthy fats, your body will gain its energy by burning fat instead of carbs. You will think clearer, never feel hungry, and effortlessly burn fat from your body.

The book is authored by the acclaimed health blogger Leanne Vogel. She understands that different people have different dietary needs and thus she includes three different variations of lifestyles.

The book also details the use of the Keto diet for folks with restrictions, or allergies, such as gluten or dairy.

Leanne Vogel includes explanations and facts as to how ketosis can benefit you as well as recipes and meal plans to help you get started on your keto diet.

The Keto Diet is for advanced dieters, as well as those who are just starting out which has helped it land at the top of the best Ketogenic Diet Books of 2018!


The Keto Diet is jam-packed with sample meal plans and recipes to help readers.

This book includes facts on ketosis and its benefits.

The book can help you plan your own customized diet.

The author takes care to mention specific meal plans for those with food restrictions or allergies.

The book is not paleo, or primal centered.

The book only details the opinions of the author.


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#3. The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners by Amy Ramos: Your Essential Guide to Living the Keto Lifestyle

Starting a ketogenic diet is easier said than done. The word ‘diet’ has a sour taste for most folks. It is often only reserved for New Year’s resolutions. A ketogenic diet might seem easier than other diets as you can eat delicious tasting foods. However, it still is not as simple as it sounds.

The Complete Ketogenic Diet will help you get started on the right track and will help you take all the steps in the right direction. The book equips beginners with basic fundamental knowledge of the ketogenic diet and how it is beneficial to their health.

It helps the reader understand how the diet works in an easy and simple manner. It teaches beginners to rewire their bodies to help burn fat for energy and not sugar.

Losing weight, eating healthier, and a slim waistline has never been so easy! The book includes a 14-day meal plan, as well as shopping grocery lists to help you set up a plan for yourself.

The Keto Diet Guide is written by Amy Ramos who is a professional chef. She provides some basic instructions on how to prepare your meals following the Keto Diet. The Keto Diet Guide includes 75 recipes with more or less 5 ingredients.

This helps you cook easily and quickly making it one of the best Ketogenic Diet books of 2018, as well as the best cookbook.


The book is perfect to help beginners understand and implement the Keto Diet.

It includes easy to make recipes with 5 or fewer ingredients.

The book includes sample meal plans and grocery lists.

The book is of no value to nutritionists or experts.

It does not discuss details about changing lifestyles.


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#4. Quick and Easy Ketogenic Cooking: By Maria Emmerich

Out of the best Ketogenic Diet Books of 2018, the Quick and Easy Ketogenic Cooking offers the most recipes, as well as tips and tricks. This extremely comprehensive book is penned by Maria Emmerich, who follows a primal and paleo approach to the Keto Diet. 

The book includes basic ketogenic principles, and how to adjust your body to ketosis.

It also includes a whopping 170 different recipes for salads, snacks, breakfast meals, main dishes, beverages, desserts, and even condiments.

This is perhaps the only book from the top 5 Ketogenic diet books that gives the readers useful tips such as how to pick out keto meals in a restaurant.

The book discusses allergy-free options in detail, such as nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.

This book also includes 3 meal plans for losing weight and 3 meal plans for maintaining weight.


The book contains 170 recipes with a wide variety of options.

The Quick and Easy Keto Cooking discusses allergy-free options as well.

It includes tips and tricks for shopping and picking out keto meals.

The book includes 6 different meal plans.

The book does not contain much information regarding facts and the science behind ketosis.


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#5. The Keto Diet Cookbook By Martina Slajevora: (More Than 150 Delicious Low-Carb and High-Fat Recipes for getting Maximum Weight Loss and Improved Health)

Martina Slajerova who is an acclaimed food blogger and nutritionist. She discusses in detail how keto helps you lose weight without starving yourself. The book includes the science behind they keto diet and how it can jolt your metabolism to burn fats instead of carbs. The book includes a mix of up to 150 recipes that contain a variety of low carb and high-fat foods. The recipe book is complete with recipes for soups, sauces, appetizers, breakfasts, and main dishes. The recipes are also free of grain, sugar, potatoes, legumes, sweeteners, dairy, and unhealthy fats and oils.

The KetoDiet Cookbook includes detailed nutritional facts for all the recipes. The author emphasizes heavily on accurate measurements and weights. Especially for folks with medical conditions, ketosis only takes a few extra milligrams of carbs to end. Therefore, the author uses both vague measurements such as cups and teaspoons, as well as accurate measurements such as grams and pounds.


The book contains 150 recipes with easy to use ingredients.

The recipes include nutritional facts of all the ingredients used.

The author takes a more paleo or primal approach when defining the Keto Diet.

All recipes included in the cookbook are free of sugar, potatoes, legumes, oils, grains, etc.

The book fails to back up the Keto Diet with scientific facts and information.


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All in all, the above books are a definitive guide to follow if you wish to achieve your desired results through the Keto Diet. The scientific facts, meal plans, and a huge variety of recipes featured in these books will help you discover the Keto Lifestyle. All authors are professional health experts and their advice is soundly backed up by science. So, go ahead and get started with any of these amazing books!


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