Birch Benders Keto Pancake & Waffle Mix Review – 5g Net Carbs Per Serving!

Missing those fluffy delicious pancakes in the morning? Birch Benders Keto Pancakes is here to save the day!

Don’t let a low carb keto diet make you miss out on your favorite foods. Companies all around the world are creating low carb friendly foods to accommodate the keto crowd.

You might be wondering “how do companies make carb loaded pancakes keto friendly”?

Find out in this review below where we dive into the keto friendly ingredients, how well these taste, and where to purchase.

Nutrition Facts

13 Servings Per Container
Serving Size  2 Pancakes (35g)
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Calories 160
Total Fat 11g 14%
Saturated Fat 2g 11%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 120mg 40%
Sodium 350mg 15%
Total Carbohydrate 10g 4%
Dietary Fiber 5g 18%
Total Sugars 3g
Added Sugars 0g 0%
Protein 9g
Vitamin D 0.7mcg 4%
Calcium 247mg 20%
Iron 2mg 10%
Potassium 248mg 6%

Ingredients: Almond Flour, Eggs, Tigernut Flour, Organic Coconut Flour, Cassava Starch, Buttermilk, Leavening (Monocalcium Phosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate), Salt, Spice.
Contains: Eggs, Milk, Tree Nuts.

What is Birch Benders Pancake & Waffle Mix?

A powdery pancake & waffle mix that is designed for people following a keto low carb diet. The ingredients used contain no grains, no added sugar, and is completely gluten-free. With only 5g of net carbs per serving, you can bet on enjoying some delicious pancakes (or waffles) while still staying on the keto path.

How Do You Make Birch Benders Pancake & Waffle Mix?

In order to make, all you need is water. To make 4 pancakes, mix 2/3 cup of mixture with 1/2 cup of water in a bowl and mix until combined. If you’re looking for thicker pancakes, add a little more mix. If you’re looking for thinner pancakes, add more water. 

If you’re looking to make all 26 pancakes, mix the entire bag with 1 3/4 to 2 cups of water in a bowl and mix. Once you have the mixture, cook over medium-high heat on a preheated greased skillet. Flip only once and serve. Simple and convenient.

Looking to make waffles instead? To make 3 to 4 waffles, blend 3/4 of the mix with 1/2 cup of water, and 1 tbsp of oil (recommend coconut oil). Cook according to waffle iron instructions.

How Does Birch Benders Pancake & Waffle Mix Taste?

Across the Amazon reviews, most people were pleased with the taste and texture. Of course, it’s not going to taste exactly like a “real pancake” but it comes real close.

The keto version comes in 2 flavors, Original and Chocolate Chip. The texture is described by some reviewers as being a little too grainy, but the taste is similar to real pancakes. One person on Amazon thought this product resembles a cornbread taste.

If you’re looking for some chocolate chips in your pancakes, then I suggest the chocolate chip flavor. Looking for the plain old pancakes? Go with the original flavor. 

What are the Benefits?

This product contains many benefits that go perfect with the keto diet. With each serving containing only 5g net carbs, you can bet on enjoying some delicious pancakes in the morning while staying in ketosis. It also contains 5g of dietary fiber which will keep your gut flora healthy and happy.

These pancakes are also grain free, gluten free, low glycemic, with no sugar added. 

What are the Negatives?

As I mentioned above, some reviewers were not happy with the grainy texture, but that was the only negative thing I could find.

Where to Buy Birch Benders Pancake & Waffle Mix?

You should be able to find this mixture at a local natural grocery store or even Whole Foods. I was able to find both flavors on Amazon for a decent price considering you get 26 pancakes per bag.

If you’re thinking about purchasing this product, I highly recommend pairing it up with either Lakanto or ChocZero Maple Syrup. Both are great choices.

Check out the reviews and price below.

Check Amazon’s Price

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