Gatorade Zero Keto Review – Is It Keto Friendly?

Since 1965, Gatorade has been a famous sports drink used by many athletes all over the world.

Known for providing the right amount of electrolytes, this sport themed drink has always been one of my favorites. 

But I wasn’t able to enjoy Gatorade until I stumbled upon Gatorade Zero.

Looking at the label and seeing no sugar was a sense of relief. I was able to consume Gatorade again without having the sugar crash.

But what makes these Keto Friendly?

Let’s check out Gatorade Zero and find out what makes this sports drink fit the keto lifestyle. 

What are the Ingredients?

What Flavors Does Gatorade Zero Have?

Gatorade Zero comes in 5 different flavors. 

  • Lemon-Lime
  • Orange
  • Glacier Freeze
  • Glacier Cherry
  • Berry

How Does Gatorade Zero Taste?

You can definitely taste the difference between Original Gatorade and Gatorade Zero because it doesn’t contain sugar. But out of all of the flavors, the lemon-lime zero tastes most like its original lemon-lime. The Orange flavor was also great tasting. 

The Orange flavor had an orange soda type taste, but you could still tell it tasted like Gatorade.

I haven’t tried the Glacier Freeze, Glacier Cherry, or Berry yet but I hear great things about these in the Amazon Reviews.

If you have tried these flavors, let us know in the comments below what you think they remind you of.

Also, make sure to drink this cold! Sounds like common sense, but a lot of people on Amazon were saying it made a huge difference in taste.

What are the Benefits of Gatorade Zero?

Gatorade Zero contains many benefits for keto. It’s enhanced with electrolytes, potassium, and sodium, which can help keep us hydrated.

Also, Gatorade Zero contains no sugar and 2 grams of carbs. This is the perfect macros for us low carb keto dieters. 

Instead of using sugar like the Original Gatorade, they use Sucralose as the added sweetener which is known to have only minor effects on the blood sugar.

Recommended for Athletes all over the world that prefer a performance boost and not a sugar rush.

When Should I consume Gatorade Zero?

Gatorade Zero can be consumed any time of the day but goes great with any physical activity as it can help replenish lost electrolytes. 

Have one for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this drink will go great with any meal and snack.

Also great to have if you decide to have a few drinks with your buddies.

Of course, drinking alcohol is not recommended, but once in a while, you might find yourself indulging and having a few keto friendly alcoholic beverages.

If you wake up the next morning with a minor hangover, these can come in handy to help battle that annoying headache.

Is Gatorade Zero Keto Friendly?

To answer the key question “Is Gatorade Zero Keto Friendly?”. The answer is Yes!

With the macros being zero for sugar and only 2 grams of carbs per bottle, you can bet on staying in ketosis while enjoying your favorite Gatorade flavor.

Also, Water sucks, Gatorade is better!

Had to throw that in there. Good ole Waterboy reference!

Anyways…make sure to check out the Amazon Reviews and current price below.

Check Amazon’s Price

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Mari Weber

Sure wish there was a grape flavored Gatorade zero!


Thank you for this review. I recently tried keto (again) and was really missing flavored drinks and carbonated water wasn’t cutting it. This is the perfect drink! My favorite so far is Berry, it has a tropical taste.

Drexel Lake

Love the Zero. Just wish the local store could keep it stocked in the small bottles.

Paula Byers

I think the Gatorade Zero Glacier Freeze is the best one of all. It has a blue raspberry flavor. I love to put in the freezer and drink when it is slushy or as it thaws out. So happy Gatorade finally came out with ZERO!!!

Mary-Marg Marquis

I drink the new Gatorade Zero in the Glacier Cherry flavor. I’ve been drinking Propel in the black cherry flavor and find them both very similar. I hope they don’t discontinue either one because it’s a great way to get the electrolytes I need daily with a Keto diet.


I have tried all flavors and I love them all, but can you drink as much as you want on Keto? With the 2 carbs I was wondering, because I have been guzzeling it down it tastes so good and I guess its been my sugar replacement. When I want something sweet I just pour up the good old Gatorade Zero!



jerry McGuire

I have tried all flavor’s
Don’t know if I have a favorite but my least favorite is lime.
In regular Gatorade lime is one of my favorites but on the Gatorade zero it’s not.

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