Keto Kreme 2.0 Review – Fat Burning Coffee Creamer?

More and more people around the keto community have been using a supplement called Keto Kreme 2.0.

Known for boosting energy, burning fat, and providing a quicker way of utilizing ketones, its no surprise on the gaining popularity.

But what is Keto Kreme 2.0? Can it really help me boost energy and burn fat? Find out below!

What is Keto Kreme 2.0 and What Ingredients Does it Contain?

Keto Kreme is a powder creamer that you mix with your morning coffee, hot chocolate, or favorite beverage. It contains coconut butter, Ceylon cinnamon, MCTs, and Stevia.

Seems like a perfect mixture if you’re looking for that morning boost while following a low carb high-fat diet known as keto.

How to Use Keto Kreme 2.0?

It is recommended being used with your morning coffee or your favorite beverage. All you need to do is the following.

  • Brew up your favorite coffee or beverage
  • Add 1 packet of Keto Kreme 2.0
  • Mix for 25 to 30 seconds
  • Enjoy!

How Does Keto Kreme 2.0 Taste?

Across the Amazon reviews, the majority of people enjoyed the taste. It is described as sweet because of the added stevia. This sugar substitute can give your beverage an extra boost in taste if you’re looking for that sweet taste.

Although, some people were turned off by the taste. They said the stevia made it too sweet, which could turn some people away if they prefer a lightly sweetened coffee. Also, a few stated it provided a bad aftertaste. 

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Who Should Use Keto Kreme 2.0?

Keto Kreme 2.0 is recommended for anyone following a low carb high-fat diet. The added MCT’s with coconut butter gives you a one-two punch of energy right away in the morning.

Also recommended for anyone looking to get away from those sugar and carb loaded morning beverages known to wreak havoc on your health.

Substituting the sugar and carbs for a more fat fueled morning will have a big impact on your overall well-being and can really dictate your day. Sugar can make you crash and have intense food cravings.

With fat, you have a more steady type of energy that can last all day.

What Are The Benefits of Keto Kreme 2.0?

This product contains many ingredients that can have a great impact on your mood and health. The MCT oil and Coconut Fat provides a boost of mental clarity and a notch in energy than any other fats or oils.

This can have an impact on your state of ketosis which can accelerate your fat loss.

Keto Kreme 2.0 also contains a blend of AC-11 and Vitamins B6 and B12.

The AC-11 can assist in repairing your DNA while the B6 and B12 Vitamins helps your body absorb and utilize these ingredients for better results.

Also, this product contains a 4plex Collagen Matrix which is known to maximize your mental and physical performance.

Does Keto Kreme 2.0 Have Any Side Effects?

The only side effects would be with the MCT oil. If your new to consuming MCT oil, please start slow with the servings. This is known to be a laxative and can have you running to the bathroom if you take too much.

It could also give you a minor stomach ache if over consumed.


The main positive is the energy you receive from this creamer. The MCTs mixed with coconut butter, cinnamon, B6, and B12 vitamins create a powerful increase in mental and physical energy to tackle any hard task for the day.


This product is advertised as providing ketones. Unfortunately, this product doesn’t actually contain added ketones, but the added MCTs and coconut butter might help the body utilize ketones at a more efficient rate.

A lot of people on Amazon did not like how expensive this product is with how little of servings you receive. You only receive 20 packets for a hefty price. This is something they might have to change if someone is looking to use this on a daily basis.


With all of the mixed reviews and how expensive this product is, people might be hesitant to give it a try. But if you’re searching a fat-fueled coffee creamer that can turn fat into energy, this keto creamer could up your keto game.

Give it a try for yourself to see what you think. But first, make sure to read all of the Amazon reviews here to see what others are saying.


Check Amazon’s Price

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