Ordering Keto at Chipotle

Keto at Chipotle?

Of course! Its one of the best restaurants when searching to eat low carb. As I mentioned in my Best Keto Fast Food Restaurants On the Go article, I had chipotle as my number one low carb fast food restaurant.

Their food supply comes from animals that are pasture raised outdoors and are never given antibiotics or added hormones. They offer a variety of delicious meats and toppings that will suit anyone looking to eat some delicious fresh food while staying on the keto path.

Here is a quick example of what I order at Chipotle.

  • Burrito Bowl Salad – (no dressing)
  • No Rice, No Beans
  • Extra fajitas
  • Double meat Barbacoa/Carnitas
  • Green salsa 
  • Lettuce

That’s it! You get your fat, protein, with very minimal carbs.

Chipotle also offers delicious guacamole. Sometimes I add it to my burrito bowl to make sure I’m consuming enough healthy fats.

I usually skip the rice and beans because these will easily kick me out of ketosis. Sometimes though, if I’m very low on carbs or I just got done lifting, I might add half a scoop of black beans. This is completely personal preference.

I also stay away from dairy because I’m lactose intolerant, but if your not, the sour cream and cheese are keto friendly.

Other high carbs food to stay away from are the tortillas, taco shells, and chips.

If you manage to stay away from these high carb foods, you will be able to stay in ketosis while still enjoying a delicious meal.

Feel free to customize your own burrito bowl with any of the low carb toppings on the menu below.

Enjoy your meal!

Low Carb Chipotle Options

(Data was taken from https://www.chipotle.com/nutrition-calculator)
(Net Carbs = subtracting fiber from total carbs)

CategoryMenuNet Carbs
Chipotle Meats
(Serving Size - 4 oz)
Sofritas (Vegan)6g
Chipotle Fillings
Fajita Vegetables (2.5 oz)4g
Chipotle Toppings
Fresh Tomato Salsa (3.5 oz)3g
Tomatillo - Green Chili Salsa (2 oz)4g
Tomatillo - Red Chili Salsa (Hot) (2 oz)3g
Sour Cream (2 oz)2g
Cheese (1 oz)1g
Guacamole (4 oz)2g
Romaine Lettuce (1 oz)0g
Water with lemon0g

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