Ordering Keto at Five Guys

If you’ve never been to five guys, you’re definitely missing out. Known for their great burgers and fries, this place will fill you up and leave you a happy camper. They also serve keto friendly food which is why I go here occasionally. 

One reason why I love this restaurant is that they serve lettuce wraps in exchange for a bun. This makes it easier to eat a burger with many different toppings while keeping it low carb. They also serve hot dogs if you ever get tired of burgers. Feel free to customize with any of the following low carb toppings, and you have yourself a delicious keto friendly meal.

I usually order a big bacon burger, with raw onions, green peppers, jalapenos, mustard, on a lettuce wrap. Low carb and keeps me full!

The only high carb items to watch out for are the burger buns, BBQ sauce, and ketchup.

Also, while standing in line or waiting for your food, enjoy the free peanuts they offer.

Simple, low carb, and delicious. Great place for Keto.

Make sure to check out the low carb menu below.

Enjoy your Meal!

Low Carb Five Guys Options

(Data was taken from the official Five Guy’s nutritional guide)
(Net Carbs = subtracting fiber from total carbs)

CategoryMenuNet Carbs
Bacon (2 pieces)(Serving Size 14g)0g
Hamburger Patty (Serving Size 94g)0g
Hot Dog
(Serving Size 90g)
A.1® Sauce
(Serving Size 17g)
Cheese*# (1 slice)1g
Green Peppers (Serving Size 25g)1g
Grilled Mushrooms (Serving Size 21g)1g
Hot Sauce (Serving Size 5g)0g
Jalapeño Peppers (Serving Size 11g)1g
Lettuce (Serving Size 30g)1g
Mayonnaise (Serving Size 14g)0g
Mustard (Serving Size 5g)0g
Onions / Grilled Onions (Serving Size 28g)2g
Pickles (Serving Size 28g)1g
Relish (Serving Size 15g)4g
Tomatoes (Serving Size 52g)2g
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