Ordering Keto at Wendy’s

I remember biking to Wendy’s all the time when I was a kid. I would always order two double cheeseburgers, a frosty, and a soda! Good old days.

Even though that was in the past, that doesn’t mean I stopped eating at Wendy’s. Luckily, I’m still am able to enjoy Wendy’s while still keeping it keto.

If you follow these simple guidelines below, you’ll be ordering keto at Wendy’s in no time.

First, make sure to cut off all bread, fries, and desserts. These contain high carbs and sugar, which will spike your blood sugar levels and knock you out of ketosis. As long as you have this down, most other options are free game. Just don’t overdo the portions on some items.

Wendy’s offers three low carb fresh-made salads. It’s best to order these salads with the lowest carb dressing and always skip the croutons. You can find the low carb dressings on the menu below.

If you’re craving some chicken nuggets, feel free to order either the 4 or 6 piece. The only low carb dipping sauce to choose from is the buttermilk ranch, but it goes perfectly with these nuggets.

Any type of burger is going to be low carb as long as you remove the bun. I listed all of the sandwich components with how many carbs they contain so you can easily build your keto burger!

Check out the easy to access low carb menu below!

Enjoy your Keto Meal!

Low Carb Wendy’s Options

(Data was taken from fastfoodmenuprice.com)
(Net Carbs = subtracting fiber from total carbs)

CategoryMenuNet Carbs
Fresh-Made Salads
Asian Cashew Chicken Salad Full Size9g
Asian Cashew Chicken Salad Half Size5g
Spicy Chicken Caesar Salad Half Size10g
Lemon Garlic Caesar Dressing 2g
Ranch Dressing2g
Italian Vinaigrette4g
Thousand Island Dressing5g
Crispy Chicken Nuggets
4-Piece Chicken Nuggets9g
4-Piece Spicy Chicken Nuggets8g
6-Piece Chicken Nuggets13g
6-Piece Spicy Chicken Nuggets13g
Sandwich Components
Jr. Hamburger Patty0g
1/4 lb.* Hamburger Patty0g
Grilled Chicken Breast (106g)3g
Crispy Chicken Patty (66g)9g
Premium Cod (83g)13g
American Cheese1g
Cheddar Cheese Slice0g
Cheddar Cheese, Shredded1g
Cheddar Cheese Sauce1g
Asiago Cheese1g
Applewood Smoked Bacon – 1 strip0g
Ranch Sauce1g
Tartar Sauce0g
Crinkle Cut Pickles – 3 slices0g
Iceberg Lettuce Leaf0g
Spring Mix0g
Tomato – 1 slice1g
Red Onion – 2 rings0g
Side Selections
Garden Side Salad3g
Caesar Side Salad2g
Buttery Best Spread0g
Rich & Meaty Chili, Small12g
Hot Chili Seasoning Packet2g
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