Quest Nutrition Tortilla Style Protein Chips Review – Keto Friendly Chips?

Looking for a low carb snack to crunch on? Then you’re in luck!

Rated as Best Seller on Amazon under Low Carb and Keto Snacks, Quest Nutrition has released Tortilla Style Protein Chips.

Created in three delicious flavors, these chips are specially designed for people following a low carb diet and perfect to have when watching the football game with your buddies.

But are these chips keto friendly? 

Let’s find out what makes this product the best seller and if it’s suitable for the keto lifestyle.

What are the Nutrition Facts and Ingredients?

What are Quest Protein Chips?

Majority of these chips are made up of a protein blend instead of the typical corn starch chip.

The protein blend consists of Milk Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Isolate. Of course, they do use a little bit of corn starch to get that crunch, but not like regular tortilla chips.

These also consist of only 4 to 5 net carbs per bag. That’s right, “per bag”.

How Do Quest Protein Chips Taste?

Quest Nutrition released these Tortilla Protein Chips in three different flavors.

Chili Lime
Nacho Cheese

Since many reviewers on Amazon gave these a high rating, I wanted to find out what made these so special.

After reading many comments, most people were sold on how similar these tasted to Doritos. 

The Chili Lime, Nacho Cheese, and Ranch flavors taste almost identical to the corresponding Dorito flavors.

The texture, on the other hand, wasn’t as crunchy as your typical Tortilla chip, as it kind of dissolves like a “Cheez-it”.

But what more can you ask for?

This snack is perfect for someone watching late-night TV and looking to munch away on chips guilt free.

Are Quest Protein Chips Keto Friendly?

With only around 4 net carbs per bag, these are considered keto friendly. But! You need to be careful about how many bags you eat daily with the added protein content. 

There is 18g of protein per bag, and if you consume too much protein, that itself could knock you out of ketosis. So its best recommended sticking to 1 bag a day.

What are the Benefits?

Quest Protein Chips benefit anyone looking for a snack that contains almost no carbs.

With only 4 to 5 net carbs per bag, this is a perfect alternative to gameday chips. Take to parties, family gatherings, or on camping trips, this will make a perfect low carb keto-friendly snack.

Quest Protein Chips Benefits
Made with high-quality Whey and Milk Protein Isolates

All Natural

Baked, never fried.

Gluten, Soy, and Potato Free

18g of protein and 4g net carbs per bag

Low Carb and Keto Friendly

Rated Best Seller on Amazon under Keto Snacks

What are the Negatives? 

Some negatives that stood out to me. Since these contain milk, this snack is off limits to anyone allergic to dairy. Also off-limits to vegans. A little disappointing that these contain dairy, but how else are you going to get that delicious cheese taste?

Another negative is it’s processed in a facility that processes wheat. Even though these are labeled as gluten-free, there is a chance for cross-contamination, which can affect people who are celiac and gluten intolerant.

Where to Purchase Quest Protein Chips?

You can find these chips in packs of 8 on Amazon for a decent price.

If you decide to purchase this awesome snack, make sure to introduce these to your keto friends. They sure will be jealous!

Also, make sure to check out the reviews and Amazon price below.

Check Amazon’s Price

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