RapidFire Ketogenic Coffee Review – High Performance Instant Keto Coffee!

Have you heard of the term “BulletProof Coffee“?

It’s a famous combination of high quality sourced coffee, organic grass-fed butter, and MCT Oil all blended up into a deliciously creamy cup of goodness.

This keto coffee fad has become a huge hit among people looking to reach ketosis, burn fat, and obtain a high level of mental clarity.

BulletProof Coffee was initially created by Dave Asprey, but a lot of companies have created their own bulletproof replica, and RapidFire is one of them.

RapidFire has recently released its own version of High Powered Instant Coffee which includes Organic Green Mountain Coffee, Organic Grass-Fed Butter, MCTs, and Himalayan Pink Salt.

The awesome thing about RapidFire’s Ketogenic Coffee is that it’s instant. Need I say more?

Let’s check out the full review below.

What are the Nutrition Facts and Ingredients?

The full ingredients are Ketogenic Blend [coconut oil, butter & grass-fed butter, MCT oil, (medium chain triglycerides)], RapidFire boost [(providing 150 mg caffeine) Instant coffee, caffeine anhydrous & organic coffee], xanthan gum and Himalayan pink salt. Contains Milk **Naturally occurring sugar from the milk source. No added sugars.

How Do You Make RapidFire Ketogenic Coffee?

If you have ever created bulletproof coffee the traditional way, you will know how annoying it can be to prepare. That’s what separates RapidFire Ketogenic Coffee from traditional keto butter coffee. 

All you need to do is to mix 2 tbsps with 8oz of hot or cold water with your favorite coffee mug and enjoy! That simple.

How Does RapidFire Ketogenic Coffee Taste?

People on Amazon have been comparing the taste to its arch-rival “It Works“. These reviewers were split on what brand makes the better tasting instant keto coffee.

One thing people noticed about this coffee is that you can really taste the butter. Since there are no added sugars, some Amazon reviewers recommend adding stevia which gives it a nice sweet latte taste.

Overall, the taste is not bad, especially for the price difference.

What are the Benefits?

RapidFire Instant Keto Coffee is oozing with Benefits. The fact that you can make keto coffee instant is pretty remarkable.

Wherever you decide to go, bring this with and experience instant keto coffee at your fingertips.

Another benefit is the energy you receive from drinking this. The added MCTs are known to increase ketone production while enhancing cognitive function. 

I should also mention the added grass-fed butter comes from pastured raised cows who eat grass instead of “grains” their whole life. This type of butter contains butyrate, a fatty acid that helps the large intestine to promote digestion.

You also get the benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt. This pink salt is naturally rich with tons of minerals and elements and is the purest salt to be found on earth, with less sodium than table salt. It helps to create an electrolyte balance, promote circulation, aid metabolism, and help absorb nutrients.

This product is also gluten free, soy free with no artificial ingredients.

With all of these ingredients in one cup combined with 150mg of caffeine per serving, drinking this will not only help you reach ketosis faster but also help you burn fat at an accelerated rate.

Also for the price you pay for this is pretty cheap compared to similar products, which can be a big deciding factor.

What are the Negatives?

Some Amazon reviewers were not happy with the taste. Some didn’t enjoy the overly “buttery” taste.

Also, some people complained about the powder sometimes chunking up and floating to the top.

I guess if you blend it with hot water, you won’t have this issue, but if you decide to use cold water, you might find small undissolved chunks.

Another negative is it contains dairy. So if you’re lactose intolerant or have a dairy allergy, I would steer away from this product.

Where to Buy RapidFire Ketogenic Coffee?

You might be able to find this product at GNC or VitaminShoppe, but I found it on Amazon. This instant coffee is being rated as “Amazon’s Choice”, so you can tell this product is doing something right.

Therefore, make sure to check out the positive Amazon reviews and current price below, and then decide if this product is the right fit for your keto lifestyle.

Check Amazon’s Price

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I just tried this and I love it!! Great for travel too. Walmart carries it now. ????

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