Red Bull Energy Drink Review – Is it Keto Friendly?

Redbull, it gives you “Keto” wings?

Everyone knows about the famous Red Bull Energy Drinks.

Consumed all around the world, it’s one of the most popular energy drinks on the market.

But what about for us people who follow a strict keto diet? Will the sugar or added sweeteners kick me out of ketosis?

I have the same question when scanning for energy drinks at the grocery store.

Always asking myself if it is suitable for keto.

Let’s find out if these Red Bulls will give you “Keto” wings…

What Kind of Red Bulls Can I Choose From?

Red Bull comes in 3 original kinds. Original Red Bull, Sugar-Free, and Total Zero.

Lets briefly go over each option with the ingredients.

Original Red Bull

You have the original Red Bull that includes a whopping amount of sugar and carbs in one can. Here are the nutrition facts for each original Red Bull size.

8.4 Fl. Oz

  • Carbs: 28g
  • Sugar: 27g

12 Fl .Oz

  • Carbs: 40g
  • Sugar: 39g

16 Fl .Oz

  • Carbs: 56g
  • Sugar: 52g

20 Fl .Oz

  • Carbs: 67.5g
  • Sugar: 65g

You’re probably saying “Holy F&*%! Of course, this will kick me of out ketosis”. 

But what about the sugar-free?

Sugar-Free Red Bull

The sugar-free red bull contains minimal amounts of carbs with no sugar, which in moderation is keto friendly.

8.4 Fl. Oz 

  • Carbs: 3g
  • Sugar: 0g

12 Fl .Oz

  • Carbs: 4g
  • Sugar: 0g

16 Fl .Oz

  • Carbs: 6g
  • Sugar: 0g

20 Fl .Oz

  • Carbs: 7.5g
  • Sugar: 0g

Even though the carb and sugar content is keto friendly, be cautious not to over consume these. The caffeine and Aspartame could slightly affect your blood sugar levels. Overall though, I give this a thumbs up on being keto friendly.

Total-Zero Red Bull

Red Bull offers a total zero flavor which contains zero calories and zero sugar per can. Unfortunately, after checking the 12 Oz and 16 Oz macros, these contain a minimal amount of calories. Not to worry though, these calories will not affect your keto diet.

8.4 Fl. Oz                                                                                              

  • Carbs: 0g
  • Sugar: 0g

12 Fl .Oz

  • Carbs: 2g
  • Sugar: 0g

16 Fl .Oz

  • Carbs: 3g
  • Sugar: 0g

The Total-Zero is the most recommended Red Bull out of the 3 for us keto followers. It contains the least amount of carbs and contains no sugar.

Is Red Bull Keto Friendly?

The No Sugar and Total-Zero Red Bulls are considered keto friendly. I watched a video on youtube where a fellow keto follower consumed the “No Sugar Red Bull” and it only had a minimal effect on his ketone levels.

So if you’re following the keto diet strictly, consuming these once in a while for a quick burst of energy should be fine. Best recommended to consume before working out, or when you need a morning boost.

Check out the Amazon price and reviews below.

Check Amazon’s Price

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