Sheer Strength Keto Burn Review – Accelerate Fat Loss!

Sheer Strength Keto Burn is an extra strength ketogenic fat burner and nootropic supplement designed for people on a keto diet. 

This fat burner will help accelerate weight loss and help you get shredded. It also promotes energy, mental focus, and clarity.

Many people who are following a keto diet will sometimes hit a plateau in their fat loss journey.

That’s where Keto burn is a must have. Not only will it assist your diet in burning fat, but also help give you the energy to overcome those intense workouts.

Sheer Strength Keto Burn Ingredients

Sheer Strength Keto Burn is formulated with powerful ingredients including L Theanine, Bacopa Monnieri, White Willow, Coleus, and Caffeine Anhydrous.

The capsule itself contains gelatin, silica, and magnesium stearate. It’s also an extra strength formula that is gluten-free and non-GMO.


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Nutritional Value

Serving Size: 2 capsules
Servings Per Container: 30
Amount Per Serving
White Willow (Salix alba) [Bark] (Standardized to 15% Salicin) 400mg
Bacopa monnieri [Whole Plant] (Standardized to 50% Bacopasides) 300mg
Coleus forskohlii [Root] Extract
(Standardized to 20% Forskolin)
Caffeine Anhydrous 125mg
L-Theanine 75mg

How To Use Sheer Strength Keto Burn?

When on the Keto diet, it is highly likely that you are taking some type of supplement or vitamin. Using Sheer Strength Keto Burn is just as easy to take.

Take 1 capsule when you first wake up in the morning and then one at lunch. It’s that simple. And the capsules themselves have no taste, so you can take it with just water easily.

If you are sensitive to caffeine, it is recommended to take with food. Also, do not take 6 hours before bedtime.

Who Should Use Sheer Strength Keto Burn?

Sheer Strength Keto Burn is great for any adult who is on the keto diet or has a low carb lifestyle.

Especially for busy professionals, athletes, parents, and anyone that can use an extra lift or help to focus, Sheer Strength Keto Burn is your go-to supplement.

Being that it is keto-friendly, non-GMO, and gluten-free, Sheer Strength Keto Burn is a great supplement for anyone who is looking to help accelerate weight loss and gain some extra energy.

Its also recommended for people looking to get beach ready who are looking to shed off those extra love handles. 

How Does Sheer Strength Keto Burn Benefit the Keto Diet?

When starting the Keto diet, I think many people share 1 identical feeling…. hunger.

Using the Sheer Strength Keto Burn helps curb those cravings and really does make you feel more encouraged to exercise and be more active. 

The boost that it gives you allows you the energy to get up and do many activities that you would want to do, but may normally feel too tired for.

For me, when I started using Sheer Strength Keto Burn, it felt like my energy levels were amplified.

The supplement helped me not only increase and intensify my exercise routine but assisted my metabolism in processing food and helping me lose belly fat. 

Of course, diet and exercise is key to shedding fat, but the ingredients in this supplement can speed up the process.

Does Sheer Strength Keto Burn Cause Side Effects?

Although Sheer Strength Keto Burn is a great product for most users, the caffeine in Sheer Strength Keto Burn may affect people who do not normally consume caffeine.

On the package is specifically states not to exceed the recommended amount (2 capsules daily).

I did not experience this myself, but if you are sensitive to caffeine, you may experience jitteriness or excessive energy. 

However, if you do, it is recommended that you eat a small amount of food.


Sheer Strength Keto Burn is as easy as it gets. Taking 1 capsule when you first wake up and then 1 at lunch, Sheer Strength Keto Burn makes it as easy as remembering to brush your teeth every morning.

Being on the Keto diet includes many shakes, powders, and other mixes. The ease of being able to take 2 capsules daily is the biggest pro to Sheer Strength Keto Burn.

Sheer Strength Keto Burn is also excellent if you’re stuck at a plateau in your weight loss, which happens to all of us. Having the extra energy really helps you to follow through on your exercise routine.

It even pushes yourself further than what you normally would.


Something that some people may also want to consider is the amount of caffeine in this product. If someone has been on the Keto diet for a while, is not eating sugar, or eats only non-GMO, taking this supplement may have an undesirable effect for you.

Specifically, if you have not consumed caffeine in a while, Sheer Strength Keto Burn may produce more of a jittery/anxious feeling than give you “extra energy”.


For my keto diet lifestyle, Sheer Strength Keto Burn was a great addition. Adding it to my daily routine helped me get the boost I needed, especially when it came to my workouts. It helped me stay consistent and motivated to attend the gym every few days.

Even after an intense workout, I felt great with tons of energy. Usually, I feel tired if I don’t take something before my workout, but this supplement kept me going.

If you’re currently close to seeing your six pack and looking for a boost in fat loss, check this product out here on Amazon.


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