Stur Liquid Water Enhancer Review – Naturally Flavored, High in Vitamin C, Keto Friendly!

We all need water to survive. So why not flavor it up with Stur Liquid Enhancer

Of course, unflavored water will quench your thirst and its quite refreshing, but drinking plain old water everyday is straight up boring.

Instead of reaching for that sugary soda or sports drink, flavor up your “boring” water with a healthy flavor enhancer.

Its not only a healthy alternative to those sugary drinks, but its enhanced with a keto friendly sweetener.

Lets find out what Amazon reviewers are saying about the flavors and taste.

Nutrition Facts

What is Stur Liquid Water Enhancer?

Stur is an all natural liquid drink mix intended to flavor up your water. It contains zero sugar, zero calories and is made with real delicious fruit extracts.

Because it contains no sugar, it relies on the keto friendly sweetener “Stevia” for its delicious flavor.

Stur is also free of chemicals, artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, and preservatives making it an all natural way for hydration.

How Does Stur Taste?

Stur is created in 9 delicious flavors.

Fruit Punch
Strawberry Watermelon
Blue & Blackberry
Orange Mango
Pomegranate Cranberry
Coconut Pineapple
Grape Acai

For being a healthy water enhancer, how well do these flavors hold up?

Across the Amazon reviews, the majority of reviewers enjoyed the taste, but taste is pretty subjective.

Lets dive into each flavor from one reviewer.

Fruit Punch tastes very similar to other fruit punch like drinks, but this one tastes more subtle and natural.

Strawberry Watermelon is considered to be the best flavor from one reviewer. It’s described as a very sweet pleasantly smooth flavor. The brightness of the strawberry first hits your taste buds with the earthy watermelon trailing right after.

Blue & Blackberry is described as being very mild in flavor. The taste is still considered delicious but you might need to add more to your water to obtain a stronger flavor.

Orange Mango can be described as tasting a little too “artificial” and a little on the sweet side.

Pomegranate Cranberry tastes a little sour. It kind of has an odd flavor and didn’t really resemble a fruit like taste. This could be possibly due to having more cranberry than pomegranate.

For the coconut pineapple, Grape Acai, Peach, and Lemonade, I really couldn’t find any solid reviews on these flavors. 

If you have tried these flavors I listed above, let us know in the comments what you think of the taste.

How Do You Use Stur?

This flavor enhancer is so easy to use. All you need to do is flip open the cap, point downward directly into your water, and squeeze for 1 second (per serving) into 8 ounces of water.

If you are looking for a stronger flavor, just squeeze longer. Its that simple!

When Should I Use Stur?

Instead of spending tons of money on overpriced sport drinks, this water enhancer will save you money and also make it more convenient.

You can easily take these on-the-go and have flavored water whenever!

Use at home, work, or when traveling. Its easy to mix and you don’t have to deal with any powdery mess.

What are the Benefits?

The main benefits of Stur is the all natural ingredients it contains while helping you cut sugar and chemicals out of your diet.

Who doesn’t want something that taste like the real thing while improving your overall wellness?

Another benefit is each serving contains 100% Vitamin C.

Vitamin C supports the immune system and is necessary for the growth, development and repair of all body tissues. 

The last benefit is how convenient it is to use.

Have you ever used a powder drink mix? 

If you have, you know how messy and frustrating it can be when mixing with your water. By using these awesome Stur containers, it makes it very easy to mix and travel with on the go.

Stur Water Enhancer Benefits
Created in 9 Delicious Flavors
Uses All Natural Ingredients
Contains Zero Sugar and Zero Calories
Sweetened with Keto Friendly Sweetener Stevia
#1 Best Seller in “Flavoring Water Drops” on Amazon

What are the Negatives?

The main complaint on Stur is how little of liquid you get in each container. Another complaint is some people thought the flavors tasted to artificial.

All in all, everyone will have their own opinion, but its definitely something to consider if you’re thinking about purchasing.

Where to Buy Stur Water Enhancer?

You can find the classic variety pack of 5 on Amazon for a decent price.

You no longer have to suffer drinking plain old water just to stay healthy. Flavor it up and enjoy these delicious flavor combinations while keeping it healthy.

Check out the price and reviews below.

Check Amazon’s Price

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